"AB "AT" service"

"AB "AT" service" - торгово-сервисный центр

Repair of laptops, computers, monitors. Motherboard repair. Replacement of BGA chips. Repair and replacement of power connectors, chargers. Replacement of hard drives, broken matrices (displays), keyboards, batteries. Recovery laptops after pouring (water, milk and other liquids). Dust cleaning (mechanical), Firmware and BIOS setup. Installation of WINDOWS xp, 7, 8.1, 10, Linux, program configuration, anti-virus installation, MS OFFICE installation, virus removal, advertising, etc. Repair of cell phones, tablets. Replacement of displays and sensors, replacement of power connectors, speakers, microphones, housings. Battery replacement. Firmware and motherboard repair. Password reset, graphic key, virus removal, advertising. Refilling of laser cartridges, repair, restoration and replacement of cartridges. Sale of Accessories: Charging, adapters, USB cords, headphones, batteries.

Almaty, 17, улица Калдаякова,
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