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My name is Alexander, I'm a marketer and project Manager with 8 years of experience. So, all my clients are in top1, Lam Lamoda. What I offer you: take care of everything you need to increase your sales: work with the site (if necessary, create a new one), SEO promotion, setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns, Analytics, promotion in social networks, work with sites (avito, etc.). One person can not be a master at everything and I have a team of specialists with whom we have for many years. And the proposal sounds very simple: you get the marketing Department (which includes marketing, SMM-specialist, designer, programmer, directorul, SEO-specialist) at a cost of a full-time marketer. Everything is transparent and clear: you will form a Google document which will indicate all the main metrics, Analytics and accesses, as well as at the end of each month, a report on the results of the past month and the formation of an action plan for the next. Presentation in Russian: Presentation in English: CP Integrated services: Newspaper staff member against LeoMarketing: -- Sincerely, Alexander The Company Geomarketing Cell phone: +7 (958) 760-31-91 Phone In Moscow: +7 (495) 145-20-35 Phone Los Angeles: +1 (323) 686-33-56 E-mail:

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