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LLP " public Procurement consulting"



LLP " public Procurement consulting"

Services for business:

- legal registration of tenders for participation in tenders and auctions on electronic platforms of public procurement of Kazakhstan;
- paid consultations in the field of public procurement;
- judicial and out-of-court appeal of acts of inspections of state bodies issued against customers and suppliers of public procurement;
- legal audit of the correctness of the execution of public procurement contracts by customers and suppliers.
- legal assistance in preparation for the upcoming or ongoing inspection by the regulatory authorities.
- preparation of conclusions for customers and suppliers of public procurement;
- legal analysis of the legality and completeness of execution of contracts with customers and suppliers;
- professional training on work in the system of public procurement of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- assistance in work on the web portals of public procurement of Kazakhstan;
- legal analysis of contracts of traders;
- registration and submission of documents for obtaining licenses in the field of construction and design;
- preparation of General meetings of the founders of enterprises;
- assistance to customers of public procurement in the preparation of tender documentation;
- professional legal analysis of potential suppliers ' applications;
- distribution of lots to suppliers on tenders and competitions of Kazakhstan from all public procurement sites;
- full legal support of business;
- legal audit of the company's activities;
- assistance in liquidation of enterprises;
- legal services for business of the Russian Federation having economic interest in the Republic of Kazakhstan
- business representation in relations with third parties;
- representation in court.

On weekdays from 09: 00 to 18: 00. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

Payment via Bank.

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