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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement and applies to all Users using the services of ProfiMarket.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy are similar to the terms used in the main text of the User Agreement.

When registering on the platform and placing ads, Platform users grant the Company the right to process their personal data necessary for registration.

Composition of personal data of Self-employed specialists:

1. Last name, first name, patronymic of the User;

2. Email address;

3. Mobile phone contact number;

4. City of residence;

5. User's Photo;

6. Links to the website and social networks.

The composition of personal data, when registering Companies:

1. Surname, first name, patronymic of the representative of the company;

2. Contact mobile phone number of the company representative;

3. Company representative's email address;

4. Company name;

5. Contact number;

6. Email address;

7. City of company registration;

8. Links to the website and social networks.

When registering Services and Applications by Users, the Company may collect and store the following additional information:

1. The address of the provision of Specialist services;

2. Photos and/or videos demonstrating the work of Specialists or for detailing the scope of work described in the Customer's Application;

3. Messages sent in correspondence between Users and messages sent to the Company;

4. Cookies.

Purposes of personal data collection

1. User Registration;

2. Ensuring the functioning of the Platform;

3. Analysis, collection of statistics, improvement of the Company's services;

4. Individual mailing to Users via e-mail and SMS about Platform updates, notifications about new Services and Applications based on User preferences. Users can unsubscribe from the mailing list by notifying the Company in advance;

5. Dispute resolution and troubleshooting.

Use of personal data

1. The Company reserves the right to contact the User: to send informational messages to the electronic and physical address specified during registration, as well as to send messages to the User's mobile phone.

2. The collection of information is carried out by independently specifying by the user, using the software tools of the Platform, the relevant data required for placing ads on it.

3. The technical information contained in the system, for example, IP addresses, in accordance with the general rules of Internet communications, is used by the Company for purposes related to the maintenance of network equipment, as well as for the aggregation of general statistical, demographic information (for example, about the region from which the connection was made by the user).

4. The Company stores the data of the user's last access to the system in order to ensure the high quality of the services provided, adapted to the individual needs and interests of the user.

5. The User accesses the Platform's services during the time intervals of continuous use – sessions. The Registered User has access to the part of the Platform that is accessible only after entering their login and password at least once during the session.

6. Disabling the saving of data of the last access to the system in the browser settings does not affect the ability to use the Platform services as a whole, however, they may limit their functionality for the User.

7. The data of the last access to the system is also used to collect statistical information about the use of services by Users.

8. The Company does not collect data on racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties and trade unions, as well as data related to the health or sexual life of Users, and is not responsible for the disclosure of such information by Users on the platform.

9. Surveys conducted from time to time by the Company may contain questions about the demographic data of Users (for example, education, age, income). The data collected by the Company through such surveys is processed in an impersonal form. Users have the option not to take part in surveys and refuse to provide information. The company uses demographic data in order to compile statistical reports and improve the quality of services.

10. The User is prohibited from providing information in violation of this Agreement or the rights of third parties, in particular, the information must not contain:

• vulgar, offensive expressions;

• propaganda of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, interethnic conflicts;

• calls for violence and illegal actions;

• data violating personal rights or intellectual property rights of third parties;

• information that promotes fraud, deception or abuse of trust;

• information leading to transactions with stolen or counterfeit items;

• information that violates or encroaches on the property of third parties, trade secrets or the right to privacy;

• personal or identifying information about other persons without the express consent of these persons;

• information containing information that encroaches on privacy, offends someone's honor, dignity or business reputation;

• information containing slander or threats against anyone;

• information of the nature of pornography;

• information harmful to minors;

• false and misleading information;

• viruses or any other technologies that can harm websites, companies or other users;

• information about services that are considered immoral, such as: prostitution, usury or other forms that contradict the norms of morality or the law;

• links or information about websites competing with the company's services;

• information that is "spam", "letters of happiness", "pyramid schemes" or unwanted or false commercial advertising;

• information disseminated by news agencies;

• information with an offer of earnings on the Internet, without specifying the physical address and direct contacts of the employer;

• information with the offer of a franchise, multi-level and network marketing, agency activities, trade representation or any other activity that requires the recruitment of other members, subagents, sub-distributors, etc.;

• information exclusively of an advertising nature without offering a specific service;

• information that otherwise violates the law enforcement laws of the jurisdiction for which the ad is intended.

11. It is prohibited to place ads advertising services prohibited by the relevant legislation.

12. It is prohibited to use the information provided by other Users for purposes other than to make a transaction directly with this User, without the written permission of another User. This clause of the Agreement does not include the User's personal data, which the latter provides to the Company during registration.

13. The Company reserves the right to delete the accounts of Users without the possibility of recovery who violate or have violated these terms of use of the Platform.

14. Access to the User's personal data by other Users is possible only with the written consent of the User for such access or in compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

15. The Company does not store User payment card data. This information is used during the transaction and is not stored by the Company after the transaction is completed.

16. We have the right to share data with other third parties in order to provide certain services to our users, as well as to improve the quality of services provided by us and maintain communication with our Users.

17. The Company undertakes to make every effort to properly fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, including the normal operation of the Platform services and non-disclosure to third parties of personal data provided by the User, except as provided by law.