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Early e-mail notification


When the service is activated, an e-mail notification is sent within the first 60 minutes after the publication of a new request for your category. This tariff will allow you to work out possible terms of cooperation with the customer faster than other service providers registered on the website.


Early e-mail notification for 30 days - 1200tenge

Early e-mail notification for 90 days - 3000 tenge

Early e-mail notification for 180 days - 5000 tenge

Early e-mail notification for 365 days - 8000 tenge





You will be one of the first to know about the new request! The SMS Notification service is sending a message about the publication of a new request in the category corresponding to your profile. This tariff has an advantage over the "Early e-mail notification" tariff, since you do not need an Internet connection to receive the notification. Also, you do not have to search for a notification in numerous e-mails to receive information about a new request. Note: For example, the Client (service provider) replenishes his balance by 500 tenge and connects the service "SMS mailing within the first 60 minutes from the moment of confirmation of the request". The service is activated for a period of 30 days. As requests are published, the Client will receive SMS notifications until the balance account is exhausted. Further, the service will be suspended until the moment of replenishment of the account. If less than 10 requests have been published in a month and less than 10 SMS messages have been received, the unused funds will remain on the Client's balance.


SMS mailing in the first hour for 30 days - 1000 tenge

SMS mailing after the first hour for 30 days - 500 tenge



TOP ad in category


When activating the "TOP Ad" tariff, your ad will be rotated along with the rest of the Top ads in your service category. Top ads are shown above other ads in the category. This arrangement ensures that your ad will be viewed by the maximum number of users. Highlight your ad from thousands of similar ones and always stay in the field of view of potential customers!


TOP ad for 7 days - 400 tenge

TOP ad for 14 days - 700 tenge

TOP ad for 30 days - 1200 tenge



Advertising Banner on the right in the category


When activating this tariff, your banner will be displayed on the right in the services section, in rotation with all other paid banners. Rotation (changing one banner to another) occurs every time the page is refreshed. Uploaded images must meet the following requirements: the aspect ratio is 1:2, the minimum size is 200x400 (recommended - 300x600).  When offering a service, place a banner in this category of services, and then your ads will be visible in the ads in this section. Note: This service does not apply to the placement of an advertisement in the application "ProfiMarket.Kz".


Banner on the right for 7 days - 1200 tenge     

Banner on the right for 14 days - 2200 tenge

Banner on the right for 30 days - 4000 tenge



Context banner in category


Context banners will be displayed between ads, after the 3rd, 6th and 9th ads in the category, in a rotating order. Your banner will be displayed exclusively to the target audience according to the criterion – service category. It should be noted that graphic images always attract more attention of site users. The recommended banner size is 652x107 (width*height) pixels for the website and 343*136 (width*height) pixels for the application. When adding a context banner, you will be given the opportunity to attach a link to an external page, or to your profile in the ProfiMarket.


Context banner for 7 days – 800 tenge

Context banner for 14 days – 1400 tenge

Context banner for 30 days – 2400 tenge



An ad in the tab "Promotion"


If Your company has promotions/last minute offers / discounts, you can place an ad in the "Promotions" section (enter at the top of the main page). This will allow your potential Customers to quickly view your latest offers without looking through the usual ads.


An ad in the "Promotions" tab for 3 days - 400 tenge

An ad in the "Promotions" tab for 7 days - 600 tenge

An ad in the "Promotions" tab for 14 days - 1000 tenge

An ad in the "Promotions" tab for 30 days - 1800 tenge