Judicial building examination

The subject of forensic construction expertise is the study of the actual data characterizing the process of production and design, operation and repair of construction projects, as well as the study of construction and technical and design estimates, namely: the causal relationship between violations of technical projects and the ensuing consequences (low quality of work performed and construction materials at construction sites, accident, accident); the nature and volume of the actual construction, installation and repair works and the correctness of the calculation for them; the cost and volume of expenditure of construction materials in accordance with established norms and projects, as well as excess expenditure of additional construction materials and the validity of calculations for them; quality of construction and repair works, suitability of construction materials and products; violations of construction norms and rules in the construction of buildings and structures; violations of occupational safety rules in industrial construction activities; violations of sanitary and operational standards in the operation of buildings and structures; the cost of construction, installation and repair works; opportunities and options section of the household; order of land use and division of land plots; determining the cause of structural damage; the cost of repair after flooding, fire. Objects it is judicial-building examination are: industrial and administrative buildings and structures; engineering networks of heating, ventilation, water supply and Sewerage; private housing; private apartments in multi-storey buildings; land buildings; suburban area; design and estimate documentation approved in accordance with the established procedure for the production of construction and repair works; acceptance certificates and certificates of the cost of construction and repair and construction works (forms NN 2 and 3), acts of control measurements, inspection of poorly manufactured and used building materials and products in the production of construction and repair and construction works; material and technical reporting on construction, installation and repair and construction works; technical Executive documentation (logs work logs, supervision, Executive surveys, acts on hidden works); contracts for construction, installation, repair and construction works; conclusions of engineering-geological surveys; materials of technical supervision on the part of the customer for the production of construction, installation and repair works in accordance with the current building codes and rules; acts of inspection of accidents and technical causes of accidents in the production of construction and repair works; title documents for land plots (acts on lifelong inheritance of land, technical passports of the Bureau of technical inventories, management of the organization and registration of real estate, the center of the organization and registration of real estate); technical passport of private home ownership to individual housing. If necessary, the expert is also provided with acts of acceptance tests, technical inspections of equipment, information on raw materials processed in the course of construction works and other materials of criminal or civil cases relating to the subject of examination. Based on the objects of research and tasks to be resolved, forensic construction expertise includes the following types of research: forensic expert construction and economic research of buildings and structures; forensic expert construction and technical study of buildings and structures.

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