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Frequently Asked Questions

To submit a request, you need to log on to the platform as a Customer, select the desired category and fill out an application form with details of the provision of the service. For your convenience, there is a ready-made application form on the platform.

When registering a Specialist profile, each user is assigned a balance. After replenishing the balance, you can pay for subscriptions and paid services. There is no money withdrawal function.

You can fill your balance in two ways:

  • Payment by bank card
  • Payment via Касса24

A well–written application form is the key to success and increasing customer loyalty. The main purpose of the application form is to make the customer want to choose you to provide the service. 

We want specialists to be able to fulfill applications as much as possible and get good earnings, so we made the form for filling out the application as convenient and informative as possible. We have also prepared some tips for you!

    Select the categories in which you provide services. This way it will be easier for customers to find you.
    In the "Description" field, tell us about your advantages. In this case, the main criteria will be content and brevity. Write down work experience, professional skills, advantages of working conditions with you. We recommend that self-employed professionals share their qualifications and advanced training courses.
Specify the cost of your work. A very good way to attract the customer's attention, as it increases the likelihood of a positive response to your response.
    Confirm the information about you with cases and photos/videos of the work performed. If the client sees positive results of your work, then increased interest in your profile is guaranteed!

All information about the subscription and tariffs for services can be found at the link

You can pay for the subscription and paid services by replenishing your balance.

After placing a request on the service, you will start receiving offers from Specialists. Before concluding a transaction, be sure to look at the profile of a Specialist, read the information and reviews about them, pay attention to the rating, discuss all the details of the provision of the service

The placement of the Customer's request on the platform is free of charge and is possible only after registration.

Subscribing to the newsletter of notifications about the creation of a new request in your category will increase the opportunity to leave a response before other Specialists, and this increases the chance of getting a positive answer to your response.

On there is an opportunity to help friends in search of work and get bonuses for it!  

In the profile menu, go to the "Invite a friend" section and enter your friend's email address and/or phone number. We will send a unique registration link to the specified email address and/or phone number. 

After successfully registering a new user and paying for a subscription and/or a paid service of the Website, you will receive bonuses in the amount of 50% of the amount paid by a Friend. 

1 bonus = 1 tenge

Contact the support service to create a new category of services

Reviews are an important criterion when choosing a Specialist. On reviews can only be left by customers who have received a service from a specialist. It will not be possible to fake the reviews, because the opportunity to leave a review to the client is provided only after the request is closed.

All profiles are moderated. reserves the right to block profiles temporarily or permanently in case of violation of the rules of use of the platform


The profile is permanently blocked in the following cases:

  • Violation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Fraud.

We will block the profile if there is a material claim or theft of someone else's property;

  • Using someone else's data.

When using someone else's or fake data in the profile, communicating with Customers by a third party, the profile is blocked;

  • Using multiple profiles by one Specialist.

When registering two or more profiles by one Specialist, all profiles registered by him are blocked;

Temporary blocking of the profile for 5 days is possible in the following cases:

  • Violation of the rules of communication with the support service and with the Customer.

Rude communication and the use of obscene language are prohibited;

  • Three or more negative reviews.

We provide an opportunity to challenge a negative review by correcting poorly performed work. With the growth of negative reviews, we reserve the right to block the profile forever;

  • Refusal to execute the request without notifying the Customer.

If the request is refused and the Specialist fails to appear without notifying the Customer, the profile is blocked;

  • Transfer of the execution of the request to third parties without notifying the Customer.

A specialist can take a partner with him, but it is impossible to transfer his order to a third party without notifying the Customer;

  • Creating fake reviews.

If fake reviews are detected from a Specialist in order to increase the rating, the profile is blocked.

 To unlock the profile, contact the support service.

The services of Specialists on the platform are classified into categories, which include subcategories to narrow the scope of services. The platform contains 15 categories and 93 subcategories, which simplifies the search for the right specialist. 


Also, filtering of all service ads is at your disposal on the platform. You can specify the city you are interested in and sort services by the nearest location, by the novelty of the published ads and by price.