"Сенім Dent" - стоматологическая клиника

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"SENIM Dent" - dental clinic

"SENIM Dent" - dental clinic. Choose a personal dentist is a very important step in life, when you go to the same dentist in a certain period, the fear disappears. He knows Your every tooth and takes a set of decisions on the treatment of tooth extraction or filling, as well as the treatment of gums. In General, this is your personal doctor, dental health is a good step for a bright and beautiful smile that will Shine for many years. Provide services • Pediatric dentistry * Dental implants • Orthodontics • Teeth whitening • Prosthetic dentistry * Dental radiography • Therapy • Surgery * Restoration of teeth • Treatment of caries • Filling • Dentistry * Gum treatment • Exodontia * Round-the-clock dentistry-by appointment Cash.

Nur-Sultan (Astana), 5/1, проспект Абылай Хана,
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